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  1. Got a lot of Pompey mates and most feel the same. It's the twitter warriors and #factless that don't seem to have any remorse about the previous years. The FA Cup win is still shouted everyday, and then thirty seconds later they are going on about how great it is to have their club back and how the previous years debts and criminality are nothing to do with the club. Serious question, how many do you think will turn up next year? If you average over 11k that would be impressive.
  2. There was a man called Allen Who invented the Pompey cannon It was never their fault It was the football league cult And now they will have to leave Fratton. There was also a man named Balu He's left the Skates in the pooh. They thought they could fight They believed they were right Unfortunately they forgot they owed King Kanu As well as Balu there was Birch He thought he could escape this lurch As time has gone on He's realised he's wrong And cannot remove a charge from its perch There was also a man called Joe This man had his own ****ing show He tried to tell them th
  3. PMSL, you couldn't make it up. Trust just been "outed" on SSN. How will Mr Allen react to this?
  4. Yeah, sorry bout that, bored on my day off!
  5. It's the crux of it from a fans point of view. I actually get what they are saying, it's just that it shouldn't matter. It's quite amazing that those same fans have disappeared now, in the clubs time of need. They're actually giving tickets away and they still can't fill the park. But even if they did fill it, and everyone of them was paying full price, why the hell should that make a difference? You can plead the fans innocence to everybody but not the club's. When the Prime Minister said what he said in that he would do all that he can to help was, quite frankly, disgusting, even if it was j
  6. Don't post much but love reading this thread, (yes even you Corpy) and to be honest you've made a fair point about not giving credit where credit was due. Congratulations, belatedy, on promotion to the Premier League and for winning the FA Cup. Congratulations also on the runners up spot and for your European Tour. It would be hypocrtical to say anything other than this. I say this because when there was the possibility of Paul Allen taking over dreams of becoming the next Chelsea or Man City excited me. Let's be honest, who doesn't want to see their beloved team win things? But it didn't
  7. Sounded more like a reference to local creditors/traders. I'm sure the interview will be played again somewhere. The website does a highlight section, if it turns up, I'll post a link.
  8. To be fair, it was some Pompey fan that asked a direct question to him regarding the wages, he said something along the lines of "we're looking to pay them" without actually committing anything. Certainly didn't sound like the 2mil reported elsewhere. Regarding the fit and proper test he actually made sense, stating that there is only so much the FL could do. Also made reference to a bank that would have done its due diligence as well. Not sure if that was Antonov's bank or not though.
  9. Birch just been on Sportsdirect TV, interviewed by Mike Parry who gave him a pretty hard time. Some of the snippets; When Birch referred to their fan base "but is it that loyal? You have Brighton-25000, Southampton 25000, Portsmouth 14000" - Birch believes some fans are staying away - did have a little giggle at that. Accounts unfrozen today. "But is there any money in it?" Parry asked. "Yes there's money in it, should be enough to see them through to end of season" although completely dodged the question on when the players and staff would get paid. Parry & co-presenter then ask
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