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  1. rooney


    Ralph said prior to the CP game he was the No.1 . I cannot see him being dropped simply because of the first goal scored by Spurs. I recall many times Forster was terrible against long shots from outside the penalty area and wold never come out for a cross despite his height. McCarthy is the best we have at the moment.
  2. They were all very good for us years ago but not now. Will probably sign for Poole Town,
  3. I think exactly the same.
  4. Committed the most fouls in the PL over the weekend.
  5. If users thought that was poor, they should have watched the panel during and after the Saints game on BT Sport.
  6. We were too slow and did not have a creative midfielder to unlock the palace defence.
  7. You can get it for half that price on Sky via PlusNet Broadband.
  8. rooney

    Site issues

    Working fine for me ATM
  9. No it was Johnson who played for Chelsea, Liverpool and the Skates. He is a pundit on Sky Sports now!
  10. rooney

    Site issues

    Found that when I cannot get on main subjects, I come out and try again in 5 minutes and it seems to work then
  11. Did well for us despite his lack of principle at the end so not bothered how he does at Barca.
  12. That was always K's dream ticket.
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