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  1. Getting rid of Ralph will not stop Redmond and Walcott missing easy chances and Bendarek having brain farts. That's who they are and they will not change now.
  2. I think we need to enjoy :Livramento and Broja whilst we can.
  3. Remond and Walcot missed a sitter each and Liveramento hit he woodwork.
  4. rooney

    Nigel Adkins

    Remember that day too. WGS walked around the pitch with Robbie Savage to get to the temporary studio in the Kingsland hosted by Gaby Logan and received a standing ovation from the fans. I do no think Savage could believe it.
  5. rooney

    Nigel Adkins

    Everybody on this Forum were very upset when Nigel went and that says all that we felt for him.
  6. and Poole Town are doing quite well in their league too.
  7. a decent man who had the ba**s to take on these jobs, always with no money but not frightened to have a go in management. Unlike some of these wet pundits we see on TV.
  8. and the big sheet we used to throw money in.
  9. And she has stated to a friend that she is not moving from Poole.
  10. It is not retrospective though so Citeh et al can keep their previous "sponsorship"
  11. It was terrific and drowned out all those Leeds Supporters singing and there were a fair few there on Saturday.
  12. Howe will not go to Newcastle. Too far from home.
  13. He will need to take some diving lessons from big Penny down the road, first.
  14. Eddie Howe does not appear keen on the job and he would not have to move either.
  15. Not surprised to see these stats at all. They come here for a better life and then wish to kill us and we have to pay to keep them in prison for the rest of their lives.
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