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  1. But they are going to bring it up to the level of Brighton's and Saints Training grounds did'nt you know?
  2. Roy Keane commented on the poor set pieces, Where was our boy JWP?
  3. You could see it all over the ground. Surely one of the minions could have got a step ladder, bucket of water and a brush and sorted this quite easily. You just wold not believe it.
  4. I bet the gauze background to the Club Shop Signs has gone rusty again too.
  5. If Sims can find a career there-good luck to him as these lads must be gutted when they are released by our club. I expect Charlie will end up there too as he has been released by WBA.
  6. Most we have never heard of.
  7. Why on earth would Southgate want to take crocks again.
  8. seems skilful and pacey from the clip. Not tall though so hope he can cope with the back post.
  9. I agree but I do not think Howe's wife ever moved to Burnley for the reasons you indicate.
  10. we want some tough guys in. I do not think mini fits this bill.
  11. 95% of shareholders in HSBC voted in favour of the Directors remuneration policy at the AGM yet the company is always being litigated against, the share price is poor, they have reduced the number of dividend payments and their salaries and bonus are obscene.
  12. Went there in pre-season 1987 but that was at the old Wimborne Road ground where they have the speedway. They have a new ground at The Tatnam now which floods each time it rains heavily.. I remember we had Russell Osmund and Paul Rideout playing for us whilst they had our favourite, Forbes Phillipson Masters in midfield.
  13. But compare the cost and ability of Chelsea players to ours.
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