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  1. Mick used to call Lineker "Lineacre"
  2. Meant Michael Svennson
  3. 2003 Final was a great day out and the welsh traders in Cardiff were so pleased to have us . My son brought a Swedish flag to the Stadium in support of Claus and Anders.
  4. Good, as long as it is proper stripes again.
  5. Good job we did not sign Lallana either.
  6. Will his present club give him the boot though?
  7. Steve Neville could never take corners properly when I used to watch him at Exeter.
  8. Isn't Ian Darke a skate supporter?
  9. Probably correct but good that the club have found a placement for him to ensure he has a career ahead of him.They have done this with many of the younger players over the years.
  10. Let us enjoy Ralph whilst we can. Somebody is bound to come calling at some time if he keeps this up.
  11. Magnificent. Everybody was superb and cannot say anymore.
  12. Poor game from a changed team. Positives were clean sheet and record undefeats, a point away from home and Jack Stephens body block. Unluckly no tp get something from the getting the in the net, Fulham's handball and KWP foul their penalty area.
  13. He has obviously been on a Rapid Reading and Report Writing Course. You read the first para., then the first sentence of each following para and finally the last para. this normally gives you the gist of the Report. Try it.
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