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  1. SaintTex

    Injury Watch

    only Saints could have their #1 and #2 GKs injured and unavailable in the same week.
  2. Newcastle 1 - 0 Burnley How the hell did that happen? Teams that go up 1-0 in the first half don’t win games!
  3. what the hell did Forster do to himself?
  4. i think it is 8 goals in 3 matches, but point well taken. Our defence/goalkeeping has cost us 5 points in the last 3 games Should have had 6 points in the last 3 but have earned just 1 - which is the difference between 16th and 7th place in the table!! < so frustrating!
  5. Have we hired a corner kick strategist in the last few days?
  6. 6 points from that would be great! Would put us at 20 points with a couple of games to play before hitting the halfway point in the season.
  7. interesting stat. first 3 matches - 6 goals allowed - avg. 2 GA a match last 8 matches - 6 goals allowed - avg. 0.75 GA a match yes, i would love to see us scoring more, but shoring up our defense has been the key to our good form as of late.
  8. hate to be a downer, but contracts don't matter much.. VVD left within a year of signing a 6 year extension. But yeah, Salisu has been all that and more!!!! a year ago, we had serious questions if his signing was a big mistake.
  9. Loved Pelle during his time here, but no. foolhardy to attempt to recreate past glories years and years later.. how is that working out for ManU?
  10. i agree. I feel like i have been screaming this since Game 1. We can't afford to have either KWP or Livramento sitting on the bench. Look how effective KWP was on Tuesday, re: Adams goal). We have seen KWP at left back not be as effective, so.. position Livramento as a winger and let KWP play RB or play him and KWP in a 5 back formation. Livramento -- KWP -- Lycano -- Salisu-- Perraud that would also free up Perraud to be more aggressive offensively - didn't he have something like 3 goals and 7 assists in Ligue 1 last year? Let's put these guys in positions were they can succeed!
  11. aye, but the key picks are the front 3. who? S. Armstrong, A. Armstrong, Redmond ?
  12. who would you say are our BEST 11 players?... Start those. Figure out where they should go, but get them on the pitch, instead of wasting away on the bench. 4-2-3-1 ------------Forster------------- KWP--Lyanco--Salisu--Perraud ----------Diallo----Romeu------ Livramento--JWP--S. Armstrong --------------Broja-------------- 4-3-3 ------------Forster------------- KWP--Lyanco--Salisu--Perraud ----JWP-----Diallo----Romeu--- Livramento--Broja--S. Armstrong 5-2-3 -----------------Forster--------------------- Livramento--KWP--
  13. Stupid question: does this count as JWP's 3rd game of his suspension? Is he back for Watford?
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