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  1. Welcome! I "picked" Southampton before the 2013-2014 season (Pochettino's final year) and have followed them religiously ever since. I joined this site a year later in September 2014 and posted off and on every year, through the good and bad. It ain't easy being a Saints supporter in Texas, surrounded by bandwagoners supporting Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs, etc. So this place has been my main outlet to cheer, gripe, laugh, cry, vent, commiserate, etc, with others. I have felt very welcome here. You will find most on here are great people!! It is an awesome club and am prou
  2. I am shocked that Andy Carroll didn't head in two late equalizers!! When he came on, I was like : oh, no. terribly scarred, I am.
  3. for some perspective.. see below number of points/place after 7 matches 2020-2021 13 points | 3rd place 2019-2020 7 points } 14th place 2018-2019 5 points | 16th place 2017-2018 8 points | 12th place 2016-2017 9 points | 8th place 2015-2016 9 points | 9th place 2014-2015 13 points | 3rd place how many matches in to the season before we got to at least 13 points? 2020-2021 7 matches 2019-2020 15 matches 2018-2019 18 matches 2017-2018 10 matches 2016-2017 9 matches 2015-2016 9 matches 2014-2015 6 match
  4. and his child sized shinpads
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