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  1. i hate to be so optimistic, but i think 12th place is still in play.. Wolves last 3 are Spurs, Everton, United. If Ings is on the pitch, we could challenge. How crazy would it be to end up in 12th again this year after everything that has happened this season.
  2. Che has one less league goal this season than Sadio Mane with roughly the same minutes. I guess we finally found Mane's replacement. 🙂
  3. the penalty - not going to blame Redmond for Zaha's cynical play. I wish referees were schooled to look out for this kind of stuff. Hell, even VAR allowed it after reviewing the video. The handball ruling has language like "arm/hand in an unnatural position". Why can't they apply the same for an offensive player looking for a foul? Zaha's leg was definitely extended in "unnatural position".
  4. I don't get what you all are talking about... I am rooting for a full-on Burnley win tonight. If you concerned about how it looks - dropping to 17th place, maybe win the next 4 matches to fix that.
  5. Who exactly is going to be doing the scoring? Goal production has fallen off a cliff. First 17 matches - 26 goals for Last 17 matches - 15 goals for even worse.. who is going to stop our opponents from scoring? We are giving up nearly 2 1/2 goals a match in 2021. first 17 matches - 19 goals against last 17 matches - 42 goals against (wow!) oh, and 1 clean sheet in 17 matches - and that was against Sheff United.
  6. 29 points in our first 17 matches 8 points in our last 17 matches I guess it is all about the timing.. if Saints had started this season with 8 points on 17 matches, Ralph would be sacked (one would think). - so much optimism as we headed into 2021. We were on pace to finish with 65 points.
  7. I thought Osvaldo was no longer on the training pitch.
  8. we have a very real chance of finishing 17th.
  9. Apparently the Board didn't have the hindsight to purchase a service contract for the Black Box. It's running a bit ragged.
  10. Agreed. For our station in this league, he is about the best we can do. As far as priorities, Ings replacements is paramount, but we really need to look at the entire defence. 2nd worst in goals allowed in the League. No bueno!
  11. Liverpool and Sheff United are the only clubs we have beaten since December 7th.
  12. i am going to be a bit more optimistic and say 42 points wins - Burnley, West Brom (6 points) draws - Leeds, Fulham, Palace (3 points) losses - Spurs, Liverpool, West Ham, Leicester
  13. Did we even do that in injury time? When the whistle blew we were in the process of completing another back pass.
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