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  1. Well, i reckon it depends on where the ball is. The one yesterday was all about speed which helps create that squirrelly movement side to side when hit properly. If i recall, the wolves didnt line up much of a wall, and not at 10 yards. but at that distance, a wall is not all that effective. the closer they are, it is more about getting them up over the wall, then down quickly and tucked high in the corner.. have to take a lot off the ball.
  2. 14 goals for in 19 matches for Wolves. 3 goals against 1 match with Saints.
  3. I like Perraud as well. Solid; hasn't let anyone down. the discussion on his lack of quality in the final third is interesting. I thought coming in to the club from Brest that was supposed to be a strength. Had 3 goals and 7 assists his last season in Ligue1. hopefully that will come in due time. maybe he need minutes. (He played over 3000 last season at Brest.) Who plays where at the LB and RB position (as well as what formation those players are best suited in) when everyone is healthy is a very interesting discussion
  4. you know, I am sure Saints aren't particularly pleased to have to play a league game Tuesday after a Cup game on Saturday either, Leicester. A headline that read Southampton Bretford game postponed due to short rest and extra time minutes from previous match. wouldn't be any less farcical than what we are seeing now.
  5. why are we talking right back signings??! cant KWP play Tuesday?
  6. Silly.. Saints don't get home draws in Cup matches.
  7. Not sure "PL capable" can be defined as playing a mid-table championship club in a cup match.
  8. the reality is no one (the media) cares about a tiff between the 14th and 19th place team. it's all about whether City has the title wrapped up and who is going to get the 4th European spot at this point.
  9. Hopefully Lycano is back. KWP will be suspended. So Timo on the right, Perraud on the left. maybe Che will be back, too.
  10. i feel like we should methodically look to get the ball centrally 5 yards outside the penalty box and start looking to draw fouls. Seems like the slightest push in the back is called these days if the player just falls over the ball. Get JWP 3 to 4 chances a match. It's not exactly the "beautiful game", but we are scrapping here. - ** oh, and are his corners average? Or do we just not have anyone on the roster that can get their head on the ball? It takes two to tango.
  11. looks like a a 433 to me.. Livra Lyanco Salisu KWP JWP Romeu Smallbone Redmond Broja Tella with JWP playing on the right to provide cover for Tino and torment Zaha.
  12. Fonte's durability is definitely an outlier in today's modern football. He will 38 in a week. 2018/2019 - 36 league starts (3112 min) 2019/2020 - 25 league starts (2206 min) 2020/2021 - 36 league starts (3190 min) 2021/2022 - 18 league starts (1620 min) - so far I had written him off after last injury riddle year at West Ham (2017/2018).
  13. How can we expect Ralph to get his formation, lineups, or strategy correctly, we he can't even look at the conditions and get this wardrobe right. Lost the suit and went with the track suit at halftime.
  14. Yep flops by salah and on rudiger (extra time). while it makes me ragey, those are good results for saints. Leeds, Villa, and Wolves with no points because of it. how daft is that? We really need to root for the top 6 to hammer the teams we are actually competing with. Makes me throw up in my mouth.
  15. This. Hoping a forced hand reveals some positive things that would not have otherwised ever been found out. for example? We discover Willy is a true upgrade over McCarthy/Forster Perraud and KWP paired/playing in their natural positions is the better way to go Smallbone steps up and proves he can be an any day player Lycano asserts himself as a beast of a defender will all these happen? Likely not (maybe one does?).. but it will certainly make for an interesting watch Saturday.
  16. SaintTex

    Injury Watch

    only Saints could have their #1 and #2 GKs injured and unavailable in the same week.
  17. Newcastle 1 - 0 Burnley How the hell did that happen? Teams that go up 1-0 in the first half don’t win games!
  18. what the hell did Forster do to himself?
  19. i think it is 8 goals in 3 matches, but point well taken. Our defence/goalkeeping has cost us 5 points in the last 3 games Should have had 6 points in the last 3 but have earned just 1 - which is the difference between 16th and 7th place in the table!! < so frustrating!
  20. Have we hired a corner kick strategist in the last few days?
  21. 6 points from that would be great! Would put us at 20 points with a couple of games to play before hitting the halfway point in the season.
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