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F*ck me alive.


Chack this out


Tonights bet



50p E/W super yankee


6.50 the young fella - lost

7.20 kritzia - won 9/2

7.50 pressed for time - won 11/2

8.20 rosy mantle - won 16/1:smt063


last race 8.50 jollyhockeysticks



If that wins I will be looking at 4/5 grand oh my sweet jesus.


already gauranteed about 400 notes, f*ck f*ck f*ck.:smt063

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I'm genuinely pleased for you, but your well documented failures prove that, like most people, you're generally pretty rubbish at gambling. The trouble is, this win will surely only encourage you to continue with your gambling ways and maybe gamble even more often or for higher stakes.


You got lucky this time. You should thank your lucky stars and quit now, but you won't; in fact, I doubt you'll give up until you've spunked it all away, gambled even more and lost everything; including your loved ones who eventually give up on you.


You should enjoy the money and accept that you had a lucky escape, but I have a feeling that when you're an old man you'll end up sat in a bookies, nipping outside to smoke your roll-ups every now and again and with each betting slip that you screw up and bin you'll be left pondering all that you've thrown away and lost in your life thanks to you're gambling.

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