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Melbourne Storm/Pompey

Kingsbridge Saint

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I have posted in the main takeover thread about this but it deserves a thread of its own. And here is why. The Storm have been found guilty by the NRL of breaching the NRL salary cap over the last 5 years - in effect cheating by signing and paying players they couldn't afford under the rules. Cheating, in the same way as Pompey then. The punishment just dished out an hour or so ago by the NRL? Stripped of their two Premierships won in that period, docked all points won this season AND any further points they win this season. And a huge fine. On that basis the FA can surely look at stripping Pompey of their FA Cup, excluding them from this years final and relegating them to League 1? Or is it just the Aussies who know how to deal with CHEATS?



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