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A lot of people no longer have Avatars??? Aids Victim no longer has his, Tiggs or Wilts dont have one either (is this a priviledge you get when you pay up?)


I think a lot of the new avatars are better than the old ones, Scotty and MB have better ones. Cabbage's is funny too and IOW Saint has a good one. Buzzin has changed his as well.


My one was relatively new before the sign up anyway so I have stuck with it.


Pompeylass you need a new one!

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Guest Dark Sotonic Mills
Erm, not sure Head Admin person. It wasn't me.

[false apology mode]It was me, and it is 10 pixels too high. Sorry.[/false apology mode]

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I don't understand all this. I've got a pic I want to use. It's got too many pixels. I don't know how to resize it or how to send it to an Admin blokey to do it for me.




:crying smiley thingy since the smiley thingies don't work:


Cut and paste it into a PM and send to DSM. Or e-mail it to me and I'll send it to DSM.

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I want to know who grassed up about the size of avatars anyway.


Scudpants did.




Incorrect Pompeyslag...twas Cabbage...he was being funny asking who grassed you see?


I did grass up Tiggs on his social groups however...and i have no regrets about that...


I love the thought of him going cold turkey...

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