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England vs Australia live TV stream?


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I'm here! When you mentioned lumb was gone, I was sure you mentioned your roast was pork, not roast lumb...




Had a Chocolate Bunny left over from Easter as desert, luckily saved it so my finger nails are safe!


But oh crap KP & Kieswetter out, Can never make this easy can we...



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Finally, a one day global title. Great stuff but non sky sports subscribers pretty much stuffed. All the "live" streams anything but ( as above).

BBC should at least be allowed to show highlights TODAY !!

Let's see how Cric Vid goes now.

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Brilliant, loved seeing the players charge the pitch there.


England footballers next please.


Yes but we probably need a few foreigners playing for us.



Although Keisweitter played well dont think he is English

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He played for SA under 19


He did, when he was 17 but decided he wanted to pursue his career in England shortly afterwards and took is A levels at Millfield (being a UK passport holder, due to his Scottish mother). I have no problem with him representing England because he passes all the criteria and also had to complete a residential qualification (as did KP). There have been many more tenuous flag of convenience players that have played in the past, who shouldn't have qualified (and don't get me started on Kolpak!).

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