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Moving to Edinburgh


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An opportunity has come up for me to transfer my job up to Edinburgh, for which I am going to stick my application in tonight. Have wanted to move there for a while, but hadn't bargained on it happening this soon.


Anyone else got experience of being "new to town" in Edinburgh? I'd be living not too far from Easter Road in Leith in terms of area too.

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Enjoy watching championship football. :lol:


Haha, I was planning on going to see Hibs a couple of times when I move but thinking twice about that now! I follow St Johnstone as my second team anyway, so may just wait until they play at Celtic Park for a proper day out.


Leith is great, my cousin lives there and I visit all the time, if only to eat at The Kitchin

They've put a lot of money into it over the last few years, remember going there when I was about 8 or 9 and thinking what an absolute dump it was. Maybe I was just a snobby kid..haha! Looks like I will probably be living more Dalry/Gorgie way instead as my job is going to be out of town, so nice transport links with the Haymarket just down the road.


Stay well away from Wester Hales! :D


Reckon they're hiring at the methadone clinic? :scared:

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Love Edinburgh and have loads of 'ethnic' relatives up there - mainly around Musselburgh and to the west. I would love to live in the city. I'll be up there again in August for the festival - now a regular on my calendar. Have also been up there for the jazz festival in July - even though I'm not a great fan of the genre. Would also recommend the Grassmarket during the six nations, if you like your egg chasing - great atmosphere...

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