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  1. Yes. Early on in the next season. Had to give up the game.
  2. No. He's posted on here for years.
  3. I've been calling for this to be resurrected for years. It makes no sense to have players not in the 1st team, sitting on their collective arses for weeks not playing any competitive footy and then expect them to perform when they finally get a recall.
  4. Played at the end of 68/69 season. Channon and Sydenham were dropped from the 1st team 3 games from the end and replaced by Stokes, who scored twice on his debut and Micky Judd. Channon and Sydenham played in the 2 legged final and we beat WHam 3-0 after losing the away leg 1-0. I got away with the match ball after the final whistle.
  5. So he won't be opening a Nivea Gift Shop in The Lanes?
  6. He's just been on Talkshyte singing Eddie's praises. Apparently Bompey hadn' even been in the 2nd tier in 100 years! Strange that. I remember the Satchell faced one getting them promoted in 1987. He lies so much he's forgotten the truth.
  7. Especially as he was Cup-Tied. Came on as a 2nd half sub for us v Huddersfield.
  8. All the way from Scunthorpe?
  9. Went off injured after 20 mins about 5 games ago.
  10. Does it include "A Spaceman Came Travelling" on coloured vinyl?
  11. Mills and Case played together in the last 10 or so games of the 84/85 season, after Case signed, before Mills left to become player-manager of Stoke.
  12. In normal circumstances, Yoshi would have been playing for Sampdoria, as he is at the moment. Along with Gaston and Gabbi they have helped them get out of relegation danger.
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