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  1. They probably all use the same Far East sweatshops.
  2. At least you will be able to sleep tonight.😁
  3. Yes. Occasional right back in our promotion side of 77/78. Then sold to Gillingham where he played for several seasons
  4. Graham Sharpe??? Don't you mean Baker?
  5. Sorry, your right. Too much vino and not reading thread properly.
  6. The one that went and bought booze from the offy in his kit, after they beat H & W?
  7. How long before they go on about Peter Shilton scoring in their 5-1 win here in 1967? You certainly don't see many worse home defeats than that.
  8. Do you mean it doesn't remind you of Colin Clarke, Andy Townsend and Gerry Forest?
  9. After wondering how pissed I must have been to sign up for Liverpool FCTV, I was amazed how fair Carragher was after the game. He analysed the penalty shouts and agreed with the ref on both counts.
  10. Mike Dean waving cards all over the place on Saturday. I suspect Oriel can put his feet up over xmas and miss the Fulham game.
  11. It wouldn't be 6. they've lost 4 home league games or 3 home and away ones.
  12. Didn't we pay them back for that in 2001?
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