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Unless women have a lower mean of intelligence ?


Don't even go there ;)


IQ tests are calibrated and weighted in such a way as to give both men and women an average score of 100. That doesnt mean men and women have similalr abilities, they score very differently across the range of tests designed to measure different aspects of mental ability. If you gave more or less weighting to different facets you'd change that 'equal' 100 score.

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It it was you that was asking then she's probably looking for a catch somewhere. ;)


Perhaps! But I repeated it and slowed it down for her. Like when you're talking to a deaf person but you don't know sign language, and you talk slower in the hope that they'll suddenly gain hearing and understand you.


I was rather shocked.


There more thick men than thick women. Scientific fact innit? There is a greater range in mens intelligence, women are more closely grouped around the mean.


Ah yes, but men think with their penises, which is the correct way.

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