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Ian Poulter



Booked 6 business seats for my wife & nanny to fly home & @British_Airways downgrade my nanny so katie has no help for 10 hours with 4 kids.

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Poor Old Ian Poulters wife, has to sit next to her own kids for a whole 10 ( TEN!! ) hours.

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I was on a plane to Japan (13 hour flight) and the stewardess said to guy in front "we have space in business class, would you like to be upgraded?" He was there with his 2 kids going wild and his wife at the other end. I thought he was sure to say no and I was next in line. Just as I was packing up my shit getting ready to hang out with the golfing Phils, the guy (Japanese) said yes, ditched his family and legged it to the posh seats. His wife was just left sitting there literally holding the baby and I was left watching repeats of friends and Harry Potter for 13 hours. Damm you sexist Japanese!

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