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Selling sex


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Jeremy Corbyn has come out and said he wants the sex industry to be decriminalised. He told students in London he wanted a society "where we don't automatically criminalise people". Meanwhile ex Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman said prostitution was "exploitation and abuse" not "an industry".


Northern Ireland made paying sex illegal a couple of years ago. The European Parliament recently voted in favour of a resolution that supports the so-called ‘Nordic model’ of sex work - criminalizing the buying of sex while making selling of it exempt from punishment (as is currently the case in Sweden, Iceland and Norway).


It seems to me that the worst aspects of the sex industry - trafficking of women and involvement of vulnerable people - are far more likely to be tackled by regulating it than criminalising it. I agree with Corbyn, why should we criminalise what two consenting adults do. Its the worlds oldest industry, not a party political or EU issue.


Any thoughts?

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Why not have legalised brothels? Licences, regular health checks, proper employment rights.


If people want to sell bodies and someone wants to pay them for it I don't see what the problem is.


Everyone knows it happens, irrespective of whether it is illegal or not. Regulate it and tax it.



Society seems to have developed a bit of a schizophrenia about sex. I don't think there has ever been so much focus on sex and sexual angles to stories as there is now in the media - its a national obsession - second only to shopping.


I agree - regulate, health checks and tax.

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