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Dunno if this has been posted before but...

Crab Lungs

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A very good read but also a reminder that over the last two seasons the route for Academy graduates into the first team hasn't been working.

It's suggested that Koeman was chosen as a first team coach in part because of his record in bringing through youth team players, but did his view on that change? It was recently said, I think by Les Red, that to compete at the top of the Premier League needs a team full of international players, implying no place for a young player. Koeman used very few young players, even on the bench so that there were few if any opportunities to give a run out to a young player. A lot of development players have been sent out on loan so obviously not available for a first team try-out.

Has there been a change of policy since that article was written or is the Academy currently failing to produce players of Premier League class?

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Yes .....interesting... but it's been written whilst watching " the Southampton Way " documentary released by NBC in January 2015.


Many of the quotes are word for word, and fairly obviously didn't need a lot of personal input from the journo' involved.


much bettet to go to You Tube and look at the original " The Southampton Way " ,(with good input from Les Reed , too).

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Thank you for posting the article and the YouTube link. At this particular time in our development where we are about to appoint a new manager, it allows us all to realise beyond any doubt the priority of putting our Academy players at the top of requirements.

Koeman's time is now put under black light and shows that he was more interested in self glorification than the true development of the club, of our youngsters.

It is worth mentioning here just how much time Koeman spent playing to the media, how much time he spent in Holland during an average week. It was all part of his strategy to landing a job such as the one he's taken on at Everton.

Don't like to say I told you so, but this box of frogs and mentalist, forsaw how Koeman's time would end even before it started back in June two years ago. He's done a lot of good but we have to be happy the harm he's been doing to our home grow players is at an end. For many. they've finally removed the rose tinted spectacles and are able to see Koeman and Co for what they are.

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