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Dell hurst park - 2017 remix

Yorkshire Saint

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Isn't it a bit un PC in this day and age? Imagine dressing as african tribesmen to welcome Wanyama.


Maybe just the fez as that could be seen as a cultural symbol of Morocco, but 'arab robes' seems a bit much (especially since dress styles vary considerably across the arabic speaking world and what's worn in Saudi Arabia is no more relevant to Morocco than it is to the UK).

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Ha Ha, very funny, quality posts. Esp re Israel and tribesman.

Great to see some banter on a thread and not stupid arguments. Some ****er will come and spoil it no doubt.


Maybe we could have some kind of ritual if/when he scores .... i still think robe and fez last game of the season or v palace in the cup would be quality. Plastic machine guns to fire in the air to ?

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