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  1. As much as I'd have wanted to us to win as with every match, Brighton are a half decent team, as are we and they could also be higher up in the league were it not for a run of poor results (they've also been hit by injuries and bizarre refereeing decisions).
  2. We've had the luck with decisions for once. Thought the penalties probably ought to have gone the other way. Would be 4-0 if they had. We've not been that bad though, big gulf in quality, certainly being competitive.
  3. By that logic Lewis hasn't conceded any yet for the first team so he should be number one. Generally I prefer Mccarthy to Forster. They both have their strengths and weaknesses. If Forster's worked on his and has improved since his last stint as our number one then great. Personally I tend to feel nervous when he has the ball at his feet, and think he's had the effect of making the team and the crowd nervous previously. Difficult to compare them based on this season's performances so far as other's have tried to point out Forster can only beat what's in front of him which so far has
  4. What about players from last season's relegated teams? There's quite a few players that Norwich, Bournemouth and Watford have held onto, but if they don't go up this season would have thought they'd be more likely to sell this summer as it'll be a much bigger gamble holding on to them next season (is it still 2 years worth of parachute payments they get?).
  5. That feels like strange logic to me as he's not the reason we've been struggling. There are bigger issues elsewhere on the pitch. For me that's equivalent to having a faulty clutch and battery on your car but rather than address those you swap out the CD player for a tape deck.
  6. Assuming the reference is to when we played Wolves and then Wolves again in the space of 4 days.
  7. Exactly this. For people to suddenly be saying Forster's got good distribution and a commanding presence. What? Those are the exact attributes he lacks and why he was dropped. Our entire game plan involves playing out from the back and he has terrible distribution, he can only hoof it long. He's poor with the ball at his feet and he doesn't come for crosses. He's got decent reactions and is a good shot stopper, but Mcarthy is the better all round keeper for me.
  8. Why do people think Forster's going to solve all our problems? He'd got decent shot stopping and reactions, but his distribution and command of area are very poor. Mcarthy's been relatively steady if unspectacular and I don't see him breading nervousness into the back line which I think Forster tends to do more. Would rather see Redmond dropped and Adams restored to the staring line up, or at least for the coaches to teach Redmond how to connect with, and deliver crosses.
  9. I think Redmond and Bertrand can take equal blame for the 'Mcarthy mistake', Redmond didn't need to play the ball back to him when we were on the attack and Bertrand could always have taken a better touch. We really need to learn how to score when and to adapt when our Plan A is not working. We've got good hight in the team. The delivery into the box was awful today. It was terrible conditions, but it was the same for both teams. I wonder if we do all our training in the dome, if so we need to get out and train in the pissing rain because the conditions need to mimic real life.
  10. Really? I think if it were just Darlow and Almiron left we'd have still struggled to get anything.
  11. Fingers crossed the pitch gets so waterlogged the match gets abandoned. (Can that happen during a game, and what's the protocol for the rescheduled game, continue from where they left off or start again?)
  12. Surely if you have ex players reviewing VAR decisions then it raises questions of impartiality. You'd consistently need players with no previous connections to either team and with no grudges against players or teams. The players would also need to be free from any club ambassador roles, coaching roles, probably even media roles in order for them to have any chance of avoiding accusations of bias or self interest.
  13. Genuine question as several posters have eluded to this. Has he actually asked for a move away / handed in a transfer request?
  14. Demari Gray was the obvious alternative that we'd been linked with but he's gone to Leverkusen. Lookman could be an option if Fulham don't sign him from RB Salzburg but not sure how similar a type of player he is. I wonder if it's a concern of clubs that more of the better English players seem to be moving to European leagues, especially now that there's more restrictions on us being able to sign European players. We've had a recent history of signing young relatively unproven French players (Schneiderlin, Folly, etc). Will we still be able to sign non international players like Diallo? O
  15. Have Saints had more Japanese players than any other English team now? with Yoshida, and Tadanari Lee that makes three...
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