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09-08-2009, 09:30 AM
having just bought the ashes cricket game for ps3 and considering buying it for the wii too, it got me thinking, has anyone else bought a game for different platforms? I think the only other time i have done this was for a medal of honour game that i had on ps2 and pc

09-08-2009, 11:55 AM
GTA4 on the PS3 and then I bought it on Steam when it was half price or something.

Bioshock on the 360 then on Steam again when it was going for about 3 quid.

Hitman Blood Money on PS2, then on Steam on PC once again.

In a slight reverse, I also bought Fallout 3 on PS3 after having the game crash so much on me on my PC version! (Oh sure, you run 'Crysis' at high settings fine, but you can't make Fallout work?)

09-08-2009, 11:59 AM
Gah. I forgot to put the reasoning behind why I bought the games on steam. Mainly as it linked to your account, you'll always have a digital copy of those games to play long after your PS3 and 360 are gone. I miss certain games from the PS2 era already that I'd pick up on Steam if they had it on offer. I can see me a good couple of years later from now being satisfied by playing GTA4 and Bioshock on an amazing PC since I've thrown the PS3 out after getting the PS5, or Xbox 1020.

NY Saint
03-09-2009, 10:04 PM
Does Civilization for PC, iPhone and Xbox 360 count? Its probably the only strategy game I really enjoy and can be played before I turn into a zitty, pale skinned amorphous blob of human - relatively quickly.

Robsk II
03-09-2009, 10:31 PM
I've no idea why anyone would buy multi-platform, unless one version sucks or is severely limited in scope, ie, multiplayer capacity, control format, mod-readiness etc..

03-09-2009, 11:19 PM
Only the one for me, GTA: San Andreas on PS2, then on Xbox when I got one.

Does emulators count? Otherwise, I've had a Megadrive on my phone, a PSP and this laptop. :D

03-09-2009, 11:28 PM
Outrun on PS2 and PSN.

Dragons Lair on Amstrad CPC 464 and PS3 Blu ray.

Donkey Kong on BBC Micro and SWF arcade.

04-09-2009, 08:47 AM
I played Monopoly on my living room table once, but a few weeks ago I played it on the floor.

Robsk II
27-09-2010, 11:02 AM
Funny ou say that. I was at Southampton Central once and we played football a bit on platforms 1 AND 4. We got told to move from platform 1, and then from 4.

27-09-2010, 12:05 PM
Super Mario World - Snes, GBA, Wii.

saint francis
27-09-2010, 12:17 PM
I've always found it difficult to play anything on more than one platform. Then again, one of my legs is a foot shorter than the other.

27-09-2010, 01:57 PM
I've owned iterations of Super Mario Kart on Super Nintendo, N64, GBA and Gamecube, some of which are the same circuits, if not the same actual game overall.
Football Manager (2006ish) on PSP and PC
PES6 on PS2 and Xbox360 (as well as WE10 also on PS2 which was basically the same game in Japanese).
Sensible Soccer 95/96 on Amiga, Sega Megadrive and Xbox360 Live Arcade.
Supersprint on Amiga and Xbox360 Live Arcade
Lemmings on Amiga and PSX
Paperboy on Spectrum, Amiga and Xbox360 Live Arcade.
Syndicate on Amiga and Sega Megadrive.
Super Mario World on Super Nintendo and GBA.

There are more, I had about 45 SNES games and 25 Megadrive ones at the same time, some would have been the same game albeit not at the same time, I just can't think of them.

Wish I could add Football Manager on Spectrum and C64 to the list as I played both regularly, but the C64 version was at my mate's...

27-09-2010, 02:17 PM
Football Manager- iPhone and P.C

13-11-2010, 01:09 PM
Rock Band 1 + 2 on both PS3 and XBox. Basically, the missus wouldn't let me take the Xbox to Ireland - so it went down like that.

Rez on PS2 and XBLA.

Sensi on Amigas and XBLA.

Knights of the Old Republic : XBOX 1 and PC.

19-11-2010, 05:52 PM
I must have bought half life 2...4 times? And the original half life twice.