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  1. The article seems quite clear, this is not just rebranding and is certainly not cost cutting, I think there is a far more fundamental underlying change in the way the club will operate. The Carillo, Hoedt, Lamina type transfers have been an expensive lesson and these will be far less common in future with more good young players being brought in (like the rumoured Rodriguez lad from Spain for £400k) to start in the B team and so then become 'oven-ready' (to quote the modern phrase) for the A team when senior players move on to 'better' things. I think we will see less use of the loan system for younger players to gain experience and development, instead those that are not considered A team material will be sent out as preparation for finding a career elsewhere. The emphasis will shift from developing players in the U23's to developing a coherent B team and one that is successful and used to winning. There is far more to this than we fully understand at this point but I am sure it is a significant change not just rebranding.
  2. Brian May is buying us? We are the champions ...
  3. Eric Martin Jimmy Gabriel Terry Paine Micky Channon Bobby Stokes National 5-a-side champions 1972 All had the skill, strength and determination needed for the small game.
  4. Not at that price we won't
  5. I felt George never really got the recognition he deserved, always seemingly in the shadow of others but he was a unique goal scorer. Like others, he did have Terry Paine to lay the chances on but when they came George rarely missed them. Another of the team I watched as a school boy gone. Sad news; RIP George and thanks for the memories.
  6. Sampdoria's Manolo Gabbiadini has become the second Serie A player to test positive for the coronavirus, his club said on Thursday.
  7. Just wondering why "more than one broker has been invited to source a buyer for Southampton" if a deal had been agreed with, or was looking likely with, Red Bull?
  8. He means he will be playing off a single figure golf handicap
  9. Djenepo, djunepo With the golden hair Djenepo, djunepo He is everywhere Did you see that? He just flew past I can't believe it, he is so fast And he hates Pompey too so he really is class.
  10. Panda


    BBC Sport: "Everton manager Marco Silva says there will be more departures than arrivals this month at Goodison Park as he has been told by the club's board that finances are not available for new signings" They could not afford Cedric by the look of it ...
  11. Thanks. Amazed to see he has just turned 22 and only played around 30 games for the U23's.
  12. Isn't Barnes and 'under age' player like Valery, Ramsey, Slattery and Johnson? If so there would be no barrier to playing him in this or any other game?
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