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  1. When are the squad numbers being released?
  2. Aah, what a night that was....... Has Skacel signed yet?
  3. teacher

    Claude Puel

    Hopefully he takes Black with him
  4. Does anyone know what's happened to the Saints Player website? I have used it the last two seasons on a subscription but this year there is no links to renew.
  5. teacher


    VVD used to take them for Celtic, I'd give him a go (if he's still here!)
  6. Bring back the sash - best kit we've had for a long time!
  7. I agree! But Puel is the one who coaches and sets up the team. We look clueless and I afraid that our form s down to him. 6 defeats in 7 is not good enough cup final or not, he has got to go before we are dragged into the relegation dogfight (I've said it for months that we are already in it).
  8. Wenger given 4 match touchline ban with immediate effect
  9. Everyone is allowed their opinion aren't they? This is a forum after all. I think your response is pathetic, just another small minded idiot hiding behind his keyboard. Grow up!
  10. We will certainly find out how interested the board are come the end of the window. I personally think that we are being found out on all levels - lack of investment, Kat wants out, Les is full of **** and Ralph has gone missing. Puel I think will be a good manager in time, but he is far too negative in his tactics and approach and I fear has started to loose the dressing room.
  11. Would love to see Morgan back. I think he would be great along side Oriol. Never happen though
  12. I think it is a shambles. I also think that you are a sorry excuse for a human being, everyone is allowed their opinion. This forum doesn't need people like you on it, so do one!
  13. If we don't increase capacity I think that we will be left behind!
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