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  1. Yes, good point. He is a very good player but sometimes holds on to the ball too long. In recent games we have been very good in pressing him and getting hr turnover. It might be more difficult this year - although we have been focussing on full backs for the press, so maybe the triggers will still be there.
  2. As others have said, it is so difficult to pick a MoM with the way the team is playing. JWP for me - I love the way that when he turns in space now he drives forward and it helps that we have (take your pick of) KWP, Armstrong, Walcott, Ings, Adams, Redmond, Djenepo all busting a gut to get into space ahead of him. Even Romeu is carrying the ball forwards now given the opportunity. The point about having no crowd is interesting as I know I would have been moaning about all the side-to-side and pre-meditated backwards passes but not last night. You can see there is a plan - get the ball to Vest
  3. Sinisa Mihalovic (if you know your 90's Italian football) used to regard a direct freekick as a chance to score equivalent to a penalty kick. Just ocasionally I'd like to see him bend one into the other corner just to keep the keeper on their toes.
  4. I could have quoted about a dozen of the posters on the forum today as they made all the points I wanted to. If we wanted to clinical it could have been a cricket score (key word 'wanted') - they were happy playing around and not even giving Everton a sniff of a 2-1 come back. Ok Richarlison was out but they replaced him with another £50m player - Siggurdson. Thin bench - my arse. Armstrong looked ill/unfit at times Redmond not MoM but put a shift in - final ball wasn’t great but at least he tried to link up play and pass forwards. Vesty was superb JWP &
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