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  1. Got an adult ticket available at face value. DM if interested. I'll be at the game so can meet there.
  2. Adult ticket for sale, £30 - PM if interested.
  3. No scarfers No face painters or silly hats No fatties in replica kits, in fact no replica kits & no fatties Don’t sing F/Off Pompey, Pompey F/Off, as some idiots will mistake it for their support being loud Don’t spend any money in the ground Don’t make us look like utter mongs on TV Don’t reduce us to their level Drink plenty of alcohol before but don’t get paralytic Be loud & passionate
  4. With the fixture changes this week, is it now safe to say that these will stay as Sat 3:00 games? Brighton & Spurs gonna sell out to STs I guess. Burnley Brighton Sheff Utd Spurs
  5. - Monkou at Norwich - Le Tiss at Burnden Park - Pahars (either) v Everton - Le Tiss home to Toon - Maskell home v Liverpool, Valentines Day Massacre?
  6. Neil

    Next 5 Games

    A win against Brighton will alleviate the pressure. If we mess up another home game then the pressure could easily build back up again, with two tough away games to come.
  7. Like the summer never happened, or was wasted. Same old, same old. Vestergaard decent but can't carry Hoedt & Stephens. Armstrong promising. McCarthy the star man as usual.
  8. Neil

    Burnley Build up

    I don't think we'll be ready for Sunday, I fear we're at least a few weeks away from being ready for this season. Only hope is that Burnley are a bit leggy after the Euro game. Best hope for us is a Puel-type 0-0 job, more likely that Burnley nick it 1-0.
  9. Neil

    Carlton Palmer

    As others have said, he did a decent enough job for us for a while. Heard enough about him from enough different sources to believe he is a complete arse.
  10. Neil

    Puel out

    After a series of very good appointments I'm not too bothered that we got this one wrong. It was a worthy appointment and normally I'd say that one season is not enough, however in this case I've seen enough (too much!) already and it is clear that the team is going backwards and the tactics/formations/substitutions are predictable and ineffective. The signings have been hit and miss. We're now less than the sum of our parts. He'll be gone soon, I think we'll pull another rabbit out of the hat, someone less dogmatic about playing a certain way all the time.
  11. How many tickets and will this go to general sale? Expected price?
  12. Frustrated to miss out having gone to eight away games last season but such is life. All I could see online was Newcastle away, then when Vitesse finally popped up I clicked on Vitesse but nothing happened, rang up and told it had sold out 15 minutes ago. I'm still going over there and intend to have a great time, should be a cracking atmosphere!
  13. Would be nice to hear from the Liebherr Estate, even if just a bland PR snippet of something about becoming a sustainable Premier club, potential long-term expansion of SMS, etc. Cortese would be very popular at the moment (unless you've personally been shafted by him!), spending someone else's money pretty damn well as far as I can tell.
  14. Was Brettigol down to take Wrexham's fifth pen i wonder, or had he bottled it? :-) I hope they get promoted and he plays in the league again, top man.
  15. I'm glad we're going to finish tenth but I'd have to disagree that West Ham are as good as relegated.
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