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  1. Shane Long are you fucking kidding me.
  2. It couldn't have gone any other way.
  3. Should/could have won but our awful calendar 2021 form continues.
  4. 3-1 Hope and optimism lasted 45mins. Not bad Saints, not bad.
  5. Another season another haul of points lost from winning positions. He had so much time and space.
  6. Back to earth with a bump. Just stand there and do fuck all.
  7. Liverpool get 20% according to the Athletic.
  9. It's only 3, so that's something. Edit. If only we had a right back playing eh.
  10. Sick of this pathetic crap.
  11. Now we can have a go at Redmond.
  12. Should be 2-0, is 0-1, same old story.
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