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  1. Agree with that. It is a great little Club that deserves better.
  2. Don't think Armstrong should be out. Glad Hojberg not there. Injured or not he doesn't deserve a place after Arsenal debacle. Glad McCarthy still in. He made one horrendous cock up. Not responsible for 2nd goal. You seen DeHea lately?
  3. I have a very tenuous connection with Bill Gates. I'll put a word in!
  4. Absolutely Right. I'm glad someone else sees it the way I do. No way could Djenepo avoid that outstretched leg . If the leg had come out a split second earlier he would have brought Djenepo down. What would have happened then?? The whole VAR thing is a nonsense. It is not VAR itself but the various interpretations of situations. They have lost me! (I am a former Referee admittedly at a lowly level but I would have been run out of town for interpreting the laws like this!)
  5. Get into it - can't open it properly - then can't get rid of it! - Thanks
  6. Why do some people insist on writing teams the wrong way round. Valery will be Right Back & Bertrand Left Back. Other than that good team unless KW-P comes in.
  7. No Boufal, No Djenepo, No Valery! Are these players really bothered? I am not there to see them each day but I don't believe they are that seriously injured that they cannot make an effort to be in the squad! I remember the days when players with problems always made a great effort to be there because the Club meant something to them.
  8. It seems to be the modern thing. I played in goal at a very lowly level but you never ever pushed the ball out. Always wide or around the post!
  9. Agree. Awful design, too tight and what's with the away goalkeeper shirt. Pink! Ugh!
  10. Where did you get this from! Surely not?
  11. Political B******s has no place on here! You should go over to Corbyn's site! (This thread should be closed/locked)
  12. McCarthy deserves to keep the place - for now!
  13. The only players missing are Hoigberg (Suspended) and Yoshida (International Duty). Who else would you have brought in?
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