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  1. Jackwit out,, reminds me of one of them gofers that pop up out of a hole at the arcade that you smash with a big mallet.
  2. still if you score more than you concede it isn't all bad,,,,Jacket out.
  3. one photo missing, the one that has him being chased down the street,😎
  4. rally's its all smoke n mirrors with Catlin. Disney has spent sweet f**k all on this club, and has told his lapdog we're getting noooo one, the patchwork quilt of a ground that we call home has been fixed up with money we had. infact i would say we are no better off than when the trust was pulling the strings, at least with the trust you could see money genarated was going on the beer tab,
  5. Mosh! since when have we ever lied to the courts.
  6. in the early seventy's i was one of a few who watched both sides, then things got silly.
  7. you couldn't make it up, with double that ££ under jacket ball we had nooooo chance, of getting out of this league, H T F we gonna do it now,,, if i get to your ground in a wheelchair will one of you pony boys plant me in the vegetable rack each game
  8. Hold on a minute, you pony boys are harping on that we are one big happy family, (incest is best) so we don't need to keep social distance from our Farther-Brother, Muver-Sister do we?
  9. in this league mosh, half full is a good deal.
  10. No he feckin did not, more like Eisner would of said "Thank fuck we are still in div one, them idiots will still pack the park we pay less in wages, and rake it in."
  11. feckin dumb scumma we haven't had cohesion or tactics for the last 8 years,,,where the feck you been?
  12. well that was exciting even the cardboard cut outs were leaving early.
  13. mack rill


    wish id stayed at least 2 meters from the filly on the dockyard wall, then i would not of caught the boat up,🤢
  14. what's happened to the 16 may to today posts???
  15. good game on sky sports main event8o'clock tonight, the demolition derby, bet you feckers are up for that!!!
  16. it's 4 with 10 awaiting tests. out of the cup gift from arsenic.or they were on a jolly at the GGs last week.
  17. one paint pot cup is one two many thankyou very much, are sole,
  18. I see the Jolly Roger gang down the road have slid into 3rd in the league for the evening,
  19. F**k me prediction thread on the main board sort of suggesting you won't be sh**ing on the villa below. kin-ell derby day might be back on the menu again soon.
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