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  1. Wembley, it's almost like another league fixture now,,, innit!
  2. nine on the bounce, starting to get a bit of momentum now,
  3. FFS, how many years is it now that you have managed to dodge a propper pot?
  4. I see the pikey thieving bastards down the road have stolen another away win, (Jacket out)
  5. not very charitable of you trolleys, laying the boot into a third rate football club who are down on their luck at the mo,FFS!! its nearly crimbo:scared:
  6. All feasible,,,,except maybe no 7,,feckers:(
  7. still, playing awful and winning, is a tad better than playing awful and feckin losing a my pony fidling friends:smug:
  8. Depends on which end of the alley your sitting, at our end Saints are doing a sterling job:thumbup:
  9. it feckin ain't!! happening too many times,
  10. cant understand the mainboard, you are privileged to witness a 9 goal thriller and you're gutted!!
  11. we huffed and puffed, you slipped 4 past us at a Kanter, didn't hurt as much as i thought it would, must be getting used to being craped on, hope you all got home safely, good luck in the draw.oh! and hope your next s**t is a hedgehog.
  12. FFS! if we were a meal it would have to be Tripe. tell yer wot scummy fekers, you manage to lose at Fratton, your gonna need a big rock to hide under.
  13. uncanny how you try to mirror us, only difference your in the big boy league... at the mo,
  14. don't fret pony fiddling feckers, as soon as our Kenny works out the idea is to put the ball in your oppositions net,!!!!!!
  15. as far as Boris was concerned she didn't make as bigger splash as you lot first thought:lol:
  16. the shirt is f***in shyt,the star is 3rd from the right out of Peter Pan,
  17. we got the old girl on bricks at the mo,wheels can go back on later,
  18. now we have the training facility up to scratch, might as well get the rest of the club n order,
  19. nuff room for the caravan on the front lawn,
  20. you pony boys are not very observant, no way is she from Pompey,,, got to many teeth!!!
  21. should be popcorn night for you pony fiddling f**kers, stats 4 u we have never won a playoff game, 4 in all, 2 home draws 2-2, 2 away defeats 1-0, we have kept up the record with the 1-0 defeat, so 2-2 tonight hat trick all round
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