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  1. The BT commentary is so Spurs biased
  2. I have just tried to book my seat but firstly the Discount I am due was not applied then a notice appeared saying no tickets were being issued, so I assume it is not working at all
  3. We were bullied for seventy minutes, we do need a large solid centre back who does similar, if nothing else!! However there is not a simple solution. West Ham has eleven bullies.
  4. I’ll be there perhaps in the wrong end but supporting the correct team!!!
  5. I do know a little more about this event, I think, but I do have to be careful what I write in case I offend!! However when I was at Hamble were weren't allowed to cross the Solent in a single engine aircraft at a height below which you be able to glide to dry land in the event of an engine failure. Some lessons we were taught in the 50's and the 60's stay with me to this day. Some of my instructors were old aviators who had learned lessons the hard way so it was sensible to listen. Always in all aeroplanes I flew I would do a mental check at 1000 feet on approach that the undercarriage was down and locked it was the correct runway and we were clear to land, simple stuff but it can save embarrassment. I do tell my 1982 story quite frequently to support a local charity, but I usually get the opportunity when asked questions to point out that when I learnt to fly in the 1950's, when pilot's did not expect to see out their natural days as accidents were very common, you just hoped to be lucky, that when I learned to fly flying was dangerous and sex was safe, however when I retired in the 1990's it had reversed!! A pilot is really only interested in the four inches of flesh that holds his head off his body...…… his neck. with the local Odeon strapped to his back where he goes the rest will follow Still I am more interested these days in who Ralph is going to buy and when we are going to get a ref biased towards us!!
  6. Now i’ve Been successful In posting, it’s obviously all my machines are having trouble with the Quote facility, since the reporting of this incident i have been trying to find out whether the regulations have changed since I last looked. If you look at EASA single engine operation it may become more clear. The way I read this now single engine flight is allowed over certain EU areas at night and in poor weather in a turbo prop, but not a piston engine. If this was a hire and reward flight then........
  7. I am trying to post but am having trouble!i I am Eric Moody, and I have been a saints supporter since 1946 at the end of the war and a present day ST holder! I read this forum frequently but rarely post unless upset by the ref. I do have a view on this accident, it looks very much like a cheapskete charter!
  8. It is Friday evening and I have just driven from Gatwick to Chilworth using the M23, M25,with a little piece of the A27 to finish and had the best journey I have ever had leaving Gatwick at 1630. I was in our drive at 1800 only 50 yards from my garage where the snow was undisturbed about 6 inches deep with a hard frozen crust, I eventually got me car into the garage at 2100.
  9. A response David that I and quite a few others would love!! Unfortunately, although I believe Ralph Kruger that he will not be sold this window unless there is a stupid offer I'm not at all convinced that they would have the b**ls to let him rot until 2022, but that would be great.
  10. Fantastic summary, saved me much reading!!
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