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  1. you are legally allowed to challange the cva so there is no way you can sue them for compensation , should of paid your taxes when they where due!!!!!
  2. not going into europe as the bonuses paid would have been to great, david james said on football focus yesterday
  3. The soa is what the club issue to the court once the adminastor takes over the real debt is realised as in case with poopey
  4. who is going to buy someone money up front no doubt loan them back and take the risk off thembeing injured NO ONE
  5. just got back fro m holiday can somebody give me the short version of whats happenning down the road
  6. what i mean is that the pl is giving them so much time to get out off the mess that they probably will
  7. we all know the pl will not let them go bust , so with all the thats going on they will get out of this and survive.
  8. in the last 2 days 4 more ccj have been awarded against them for 30k plus it seems everybody is trying to get they money
  9. my wife works in this industry and she is pretty sure that they can enter admin at any time of their choosing, but dont quote me on this
  10. if they go to court only one thing will happen liqiudation by this time no other option is available to them, administration will happen at the eleventh hour which is the likely outcome.
  11. no you are wrong cleared funds to meet the outstanding debt has to be paid by the time there go to court other wise the judge will force them into liquidation which is the worse of the three things left open to them.
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