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  1. Any manager that takes a club like Bournemouth from minus points in league two to 5 years in the Premiership is entitled to respect.
  2. Nah - takes drugs and sleeps on the job 😀
  3. I think that he has been entered for the the Olympic Men's 10000 metres in Tokyo next year.😉
  4. Unlikely - firstly because it does not fit with our types of signing but mainly why would he come here after the dog's abuse he received after going to Liverpool.?
  5. As far as I am concerned tonight settled it. We have to buy KWP. Throw HOJ into the deal.
  6. The proper Man U supporters will acknowledge our performance. The plastic's opinions aren'n't worth listening to
  7. A point acknowledged by OGS. When the Sky interviewer tried to make a big issue out the added time goal he responded"We have done it to others. It is part of football" Actually I thought that his interview was class and acknowledged the quality of our team".
  8. Wot - and missed the 4 we scored in the second half 😉
  9. Add me to that just because they were given a brand new stadium for buttons. Fortunately they seem to be wasting the money that it freed up for players.
  10. Isn't Stephens banned for three matches?
  11. What are the sources of your research?
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