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  1. I think Klopp was pretty fair there to be honest. Whilst the penalties were not clear cut, there is a debate to be had about them. He praised our performance and the teams mentality. Said he respects Ralph in a sperate interview as well. Don't know what else we would expect him to say.
  2. We'll stay 3rd unless Leicester win later. Spurs were already above us.
  3. Looks like something from a level on Super Mario back on the SNES
  4. I'd agree largely regarding the quality of the sides. I think the biggest thing most other fans and the media miss is just how long we've sustained this upturn in form for. I think many view it a bit like Everton and Villa's good run earlier in the season. Since the Watford game in November last year , only two sides have more points than us: Liverpool and City. I know we've had the lockdown break but that's 33 games, nearly a full season. At what point do people actually seriously consider European contenders? And I include our own fans in that.
  5. For anyone that is interested/hasn't seen it, Pochettino was the guest on MNF tonight. He spoke very highly about his time at Southampton and the staff and players he had here. I also liked the way he was very quick to praise Nigel Adkins for the fitness and quality of the squad he inherited. The whole video is below but the section on Southampton starts at 26:45. https://hdmatches.net/2020/11/02/video-leeds-united-vs-leicester-city-highlights-full-match-02-november-2020/#0
  6. Slightly disingenuous. He was saying what a brilliant job he had done - called him a genius - and said he would have him at United any day. He was speaking purely as a United fan.
  7. From matchday 14 ,was the Watford game in November, until the end of the season we were 4th in the form table. Were 6th so far this year. One hell of an achievement.
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