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  1. Robert Kraft rumoured to be interested in buying a team a few years ago. Doesn’t he own the Patriots as well?
  2. For me it’s important they keep the tone of the show the same. It has first and foremost always aimed to be a fun, entertaining show. They can’t lose that. Otherwise what separates them from Final Score and BT where we can already tune in for dull analysis. Couldn’t care less if they were black, white, male or female as long as they don’t lose sight of why the show has been so popular. I think Micah Richards would be great on there for that reason. Alex Scott less so. Not saying she doesn’t know her stuff, just she doesn’t fit the style. Would be like having Dan Walker present Eurotrash.
  3. I think it’s more symbolic to be honest. To show that the U23’s are now seen as an extension of the 1st team rather than an extension of the Academy and that the work they do will be much more closely linked to Hassenhuttl.
  4. It’s a similar situation to when we signed Bertrand on loan to replace Shaw. I’d say the majority of fans were underwhelmed after he had just been part of an Aston Villa side who were abysmal but what a great signing he has been. At least KWP has already shown what he can do in the post-lockdown fixtures. I’ll be very pleased if/when we get this over the line.
  5. If he’s been back in Spain this weekend then I imagine we can’t wheel him out for photos etc. Maybe they want to do all those before the announcement.
  6. Release clause in his contract apparently. Must be a reason why more clubs weren’t all over that.
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    There has been a warning message about site maintenance. Probably just that
  8. Played LB if I remember correctly
  9. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2020/07/26/mike-mcgraths-transfer-notebook-james-ward-prowse-agrees-new/ Good news
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/live:bbc_radio_solent Good interview during which he discusses leaving the club. Worth a listen.
  11. Would he improve the squad? Yes. Does he have a high work rate that fits our style? Yes. Would he add needed creativity? Yes. There would be a few moaning voices at first but if he put in a few good performances they would soon die down.
  12. Bertrand puts some shift in.
  13. http://cyclingentertainment.stream/events/2020/crystal-palace-vs-southampton/
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