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If we don't go up, then 1st to win JPT back to Back??


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Now I must say that I'm hoping we don't get the chance to play next year in the JPT, as we'll be in the Championship.


However IF we are still in Div 1, how good would it be to be the first team to retain the JPT??

Looking at the record books a few teams have won it twice, but none have retained it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johnstone%27s_Paint_Trophy


1st team to retain & Div1 Champions next year :-) That would be good in the record books :D

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Did I read it right that we are the first team to win it with four goals, that no other team has scored more than three in a final?


I read that another team has won 4-1 before in this final, but we equalled the biggest winning margin.


I don't think we'll be looking to be knocked out next season, but I do think we'll be concentrating on it less. A chance to give the squad players a run out, similar to this season (although we were somewhat forced with cuptied players...)

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