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Holy ****e..


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we walked round the protest this morning, was pretty peaceful, word got about the police/army were going to move in and move them on. Was having a few beers in the afternoon when it all started, moved to hotel and heard gunfire and explosions. Went down for a look as you do and saw police, clouds of smoke and petrol bombs. Was pretty hairy stuff so took some pics etc and ran back and cowered in the hotel. Read now 11 dead including a Japanese media member.

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Oh great... fly out next Monday... :-o
These protests are centrered in a particular area of Bangkok, the main commercial centre. It is a huge city and you could be a couple of miles away from it and never know what was going on. It would be like being in Oxford Street or Knightsbridge while the Brixton riots were taking place. All anybody ought to do, is stay in another part of the city, or else make tracks for Pattaya, Phuket, the North or South, wherever they might be headed. Little chance of any problems there, the equivalent of being in the Cotswolds or the Lake District during the Brixton riots.


In a strange way of looking at it, it is a great time to be going out there. Tourist numbers are already falling sharply, as is the Baht. Therefore good opportunities to get decent prices for the hotels and your money goes further.


At the times of the Harrod's bombing, the Yank tourists deserted these shores in their droves, whereas if they were holidaying in Cornwall or the Cotswolds or virtually anywhere outside London, they would probably have been safer than if they had remained in New York, Washington or Los Angeles.


Are we a load of woosies over here too? I thought that us Brits were made of sterner stuff.

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