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Bristol Rovers highlights... 6mins 20...

B Rabbit

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Or you can get the BBC bit of just us here:




Much the same as the Sky one, but the commentator doesn't have a lisp and there's no annoying adverts! :)


Could the sky guy sound any more bored? the Sky video with the bird in the saints kit is quite good though. Interesting info on Lallanna apparently he likes movies with dogs in and cried while watching Marely and Me ?!?!:o

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the Sky link works for me :)


Lallana's goal was quality, he almost kissed the badge in celebration though, I never see that as a good sign.


How would kissing a badge be a sign that he will leave? Strange logic...

Plus he's already said he'll stay another season.

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I think Adam truly means it though, he's a local lad. Personally I'm not worried, but if he did leave it would be foolish as he is clearly flourishing at the moment and surely can only improve under Pards...


don't get me wrong - I know Lallana is a Saint through and though and I don't doubt his passion. I don't think he is going anywhere, he's playing well in a winning team (his team). we all want Adam to have a long and successful career with Saints.


badge kissing just makes me cringe


but, it's just a reaction and all I really care about is that SAINTS scored and it was a quality goal too.

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