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EA FIFA World Cup 2010


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Have to say, the presentation and all that kind of stuff is wonderful, and CYC is great fun - though I'd still prefer to see points being added for various skills on-screen.


The lack of being able to allocate stadia to countries annoys me (as you can do it in FIFA10), the match itself is almost identical to FIFA10 (not a bad thing, but for £40?) and EA's laziness on kits (especially for keepers) is astounding and annoying.


I haven't got anywhere near a World Cup match yet - not likely to playing as Wales either!

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I actually rented this at the weekend and have to say i'm very impressed thus far.


They have made quite a few changes over fifa 10 that hopefully will mean fifa 11 will be the best yet.


Like for example the sprint button. If you have someone who is not very good at ball dribbling and they try to go on a mazy run it can be more difficult. You now have a chance to lose the ball by hitting it just slightly further then you wanted which gives others the chance to get a tackle in. I think they have done a great job on the mistakes aspect of the game. This add's to the difficulty but also add's to the realism. Your passes are no longer 100% accurate over long distances. When you get the ball passed to feet it is harder to do that little turn soon as you receive it and goes past a defender.


The game is hard. But like with other fifa games you get used to it and soon as you work out what your individual players can do but more importantly can't do then you can start pulling off great moves.


As 9 say's above the presentation is top notch. When you actually make it to the world cup (you have to do the qualifiers first and friendlies) you see the spectacle of it all with flashing cameras, confeti, anthems and most importantly the crowd. This is the area they have worked on a lot i think. The crowds feel so much more realistic. The songs they sing, the noises like drums, the boo's against rival teams or players who did a nasty tackle etc.. the atmosphere feels perfect.


The only thing i don't like is once again it is hard to score. The shooting mechanics feel better but sometimes the goalie pulls saves out that you think "jesus how did he get that", which i guess is just good AI. And i hate with a passion the new sub and manager animations. But i guess it is better then the old pan to stadium one!

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I actually picked this up recently for £14.99, and it's excellent at that price. I always pick up the football games when they're a bit out of date (Football Manager aside) as I'm not bothered about the teams being a bit out of date.


FIFA has come on leaps and bounds in the last couple of years, and having played both FIFA and Pro Evo I think FIFA is by far the better game these days. The only exception is the Become A Legend/Be A Pro modes, which seems to be more enjoyable on Pro Evo.

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