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Final day of the Prem - Chelsea Champions


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Goals galore!


Arsenal 4-0 up against Fulham

Chelsea 8-0 up against Wigan

Man Utd 4-0 up against Stoke

Burnley 4-2 up against Spurs


Might have to watch MOTD tonight!


Congratulations are in order to Chelsea as well, they've been great this season. With a few more signings in the window they can win the CL next year imo.

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Carlo, a repeat performance of today would be fantastic for the FA Cup Final please, the skates need a reality check. If Martinez doesn't get sacked now, there is literally no hope for Wigan. Performances like that, albeit against the rampant champions, will get them relegated in the same style as P*mpey next season. They've outstayed their welcome in the Prem too, their attendances are almost as bad as the Skates'.

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