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Saints World Cup 2010 range of clothing


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It's a bit of a shameless cash in to be honest, of all the tenuous reasons to bring out a load of casual t-shirts this must be pretty close to the top.




Official Saints merchandise but unofficial England merchandise (no 3 lions).

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So true.



Looking at some of the Colchester United gear makes me sad.:smt089




Other clubs' merchandise is often good for a laugh. Once, because I was interested in how Anders Svensson was doing, I had a look at FC Elfsborg's website. They had on sale his 'n' hers underpant briefs in club colours. They were very nicely photographed.






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You would have thought they would have taken advantage of the fact that England and Saints use the same kit manufacturer. Could have produced something that merged the two kits quite nicely. If I buy one of these outfits and where it down my local boozer I will most probably get clubbed seeing as all Brighton fans have suddenly decided they dont like Saints.

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