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Watched the highlights of the Norwich game


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I watch the highlights of the Norwich game and we did look lucky as they had some clear cut chances. Fate was with us that night then..




Some gorgeous play by Saints though, loved the first goal and link up play with BWP.


We were lucky at times its true, but what those highlights do not reflect is the almost total dominace and numerous missed chances we had after 2nd goal, instead onlyt showing Kelvin save in the last minute of the game.

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Highlights can be misleading. We deserved the win. Luck did not come into it until the penalty decision.


Before Kelvin made his double stop (just before the penalty), they had hardly had a shot on goal. 1-0 would have been a fair result with 22 players on the pitch but against 10 men we really should have had 4 or 5. I'm not complaining though.

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It really is.


He calls McGoldrick Wright-Phillips.


The 2 of Kelvin's saves they showed he said they were hit wide by the striker.


Commentary is totally useless. Its obvious its not a live commentary too as the same guy does a lot of the Championship matches.


I appreciate Virgin Media making the highlights accessible every week but the whole experience would be vastly improved if they did away with the pathetic commentary and just showed the highlights as they are.

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