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Big question for JP


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After relegation, Redknapp lost interest. He could have done better and his going was a relief, but it was lack of effort, not lack of ability. Burley just did not seem to be up to the job, in virtually ant aspect you care to think about.

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please, dont...just the mention of burley and SFC in the same thought makes my blood boil...possibly one of the most underachieving, let down of a manager we have had...possibly EVER.


I know. Getting us to the playoffs with pretty much the same squad as was nearly relegated a year later was pretty poor really.


I think the problem with a lot of these threads is that people seem unable or unwilling to differentiate between a persons ability and their personal like or dislike of an individual.


Maybe part of the lesson was to see what happens when a board gives unequivocal support to a manager. I always maintain that who is in the boardroom makes little difference but some of the signing we have had over the last couple of seasons hace clearly been expensive mistakes - particularly the loans (although I'll admit I thought they looked good on paper at the time).


Enough though. We're (nearly) all feeling quite positive about the new season so let's move on in harmony! COYR

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