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HD stream here for todays game


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Same link I guess as the commentary is in Dutch but looking pretty decent and no dodgy ads.


Viking Warrior - its the same every week from you, iPads are not designed to allow you to watch dodgy streams, they are designed for monkeys. You need a little tech knowledge to get your head round the dodgy streams as there are so many options and pitfalls. I would either get a proper computer or stick to the wireless.

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It comes up with multiple options and adverts . You press the x and then it takes you else where even to the apple apps store please please help


Please don't take any of this as patronising, I genuinely do not mean to be.


1) Have you turned on Flash? The lightning icon top right?


2) Select the cursor option, lets you close ads with much more accuracy.


Once you close the ads, it should work fine I'm using in as we speak and it's running pretty well.

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