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When will we have some good news?


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I think everyone will agree that since 11th May thinks have been pretty poor for us all.


I've reached the stage than any positive saints news would cheer me up. By positive I mean, signing a player, appointing a manager or a statement from an existing player that they fully intend to pull on a Saints shirt next season.


I wonder how far into June we will be before this happens? It's almost worthy of a poll!

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Here's some.


MLT believes that the monies from player sales will go to the new manager. Who knows if that's on top of the original budget.


There's no point in getting your knickers in a twist over all this and for what it's worth I firmly believe we'll have a good/strong side come august 16th.


Have some patience.

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I suspect we'll get a new Manager very soon. Saw in another thread that Les Reed is interviewing candidates over the weekend.


Of course whether or not you think Les Reed is the right man to sell Southampton to candidates and appoint a Manager is another thing.

God knows we absolutely need to. The perception right now is that we're spinning out of control with no direction at all; it's hard to feel comforted by the current situation; no wonder the players are getting agitated by it all.


The Klingons are definitely off the starboard bow, the shields are up and they're shooting at us and every time they land a punch they are sapping our power.

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