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James Ward-Prowse: Goal of Tournament and 3rd best player!


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Important to keep perspective in these dark days....


Congratulations to James Warde-Prowse, voted as 3rd best player at the Toulon tournament and scored the best goal with his delightful free-kick vs Brazil.


A few more like him and I wouldn't care if we sold lallana!


So congratulations to James!



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My favourite youth player. Great attitude, great set piece taker and a shame he hasn't got on the score sheet yet with some of his screaming shot attempts. Reckon he'll be very big one day.


Big congrats to him and hopefully we see even more of him next season!!

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This is more bad news. The likes of Lpool will now be thinking - "maybe we ought to buy J W-P as well. And while we are at it, Clyne can replace Johnson, oh, and that Schneiderlin fellow looks a good replacement for Gerrard"

Why is this bad news? We'd have virtually a whole Saint's team in the Champions League and fans could switch their allegiance to Liverpool. Maybe Liverpool would add some stripes to their shirt out of courtesy....

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QUOTE=corky morris;1957538]Did you hear that **** David James criticise him for going for goal with a free kick after the Portugal game?

He us shocking! BT Sport need to get rid ASAP IMHO!


He's a smug ,skate bastard and almost as bad a pundit as Michael Owen.:x

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