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Back in the JPT?d


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Nah, I like the JPT, it's a good chance for the smaller clubs to win a cup final and one of my favourite League 1 memories.


If anything I think the League Cup should be an U-21 competition with a max of 3 overage players lowed in any given squad. That competition has always just struck me as a slightly naff 'FA Cup light' where half the clubs only put out their reserves anyway and can't really be arsed.

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Bad idea, and IF it does come about, I hope that they disallow have players returning from injury, like JRod, from playing.


The PL is desperate to try and blood their youngsters in competitive games, but refuse to give them PL playing time. The U21 competitions aren't considered good enough and there was talk a while back of them wanting to have reserve teams in L2 and L1. The PL seemingly couldn't give a toss about lower league sides so long as they're OK.

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