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#AskPahars: Marians Pahars answering questions from Saints fans


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So, a little project that I worked on alongside a couple of other good folk who are name-checked in the piece...


We managed to set up an interview with Marians (now managing Latvia's senior team) and as soon as he was told that there were Saints fans who wanted to put together a piece and send him a bunch of questions from other Saints fans, he was more than willing to get involved.


What came across throughout setting this up was how enthusiastic he still is about Saints, how he still follows the club and how fondly he remembers his time over here.



Anyway, we picked out 12 of our favourite questions of the many that were submitted via social media last week and put them to Marians.



Here's the audio of Marians recapping his time with Southampton and talking about various things:



Hope people find it interesting...!


If you get a chance, listen to the audio as it gives you a better idea about 'how' he answered and the written version has been slightly edited.



Here's a written version, additionally: http://stmarysmusings.sbnation.com/2016/4/17/11437894/askpahars-marians-pahars-answers-fans-questions



Big thanks to Marians and of course for the Latvian Football Federation for getting involved and being so cooperative.

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very nice.

It's only really with hindsight that you can truly appreciate the value that players like Marians were.

Looking back on his time with Saints you always wonder ......what he may have been like, had he been fit for a longer period.


When they played every week, scored sometimes and not others ....you live for the next game and that's it.

Only looking back can you see how influential he was , especially with Beattie.

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