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Squad is so weak and.....


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The club has not invested enough into the squad hoping to bring youngsters in on the cheap. No reflection on young Sims, who is a fantastic prospect but he needs time.

Its been so obvious to so many that we are lack a strike force, not just from forwards but also from the midfield.

Take Austin off and you don't have any threat.

The manager can hardly speak English, how does he communicate with the players? If his after match interviews are anything to go by, he wouldn't inspire me to get out of bed on a sunny day.

Make no mistake we are in trouble,Fonte dispute,VVD rumours and our lack of a strike force spells trouble.

On a another point,the fact that our more vocal fans do not have their own end is a disgrace, imagine having the whole Northam End full our most passionate fans it would give us a huge advantage.Since leaving the Dell we have to some extent lost our identity.

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I'm actually finding you quite entertaining tonight. Well done.


Nights like tonight you either laugh or cry


I was kinda resigned to this about a month ago


For some the light has just come on


Wembley visit abd top 5 this season and all will be forgiven

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We should never have sold












(have i missed anyone)



And we would be up there!!


We would have a massive squad and wage bill though and would still have people calling for the best 11 every week


Nothing the players have done since leaving has suggested selling Lambert, Chambers, Pelle wasn't the right decision. It'll be the same with Fonte if he goes.

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