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Complacency is that the issue or a new player?

chi saint

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Complacency - "a feeling of quiet pleasure or security, often while unaware of, or unconcerned with, unpleasant realities or harmful possibilities; self-satisfaction; smugness"


Based on the above dictionary definition it seems to me the prevailing issue is a sense of complacency has enveloped the club.


The evidence for this is, and I stand to be corrected, the chairman has been allowed a sabbatical to manage a hockey team, now normally in the closed season of course it could be allowed but we're hardly flying. With the window now open, and yes I know Les is portrayed as the the guru, I can't understand when you are as a club on the cusp of a decisive period and need everyone pulling in the same direction to recruit the right players, that your chairman ( who I presume has some contacts at board level across the game) is not in position? Personally I wouldn't be surprised to hear Ralph is on the move come the summer.


The Chinese connection, whilst appears to have gone quiet of late, may have also focused Katerina's mind and given her pause for thought when it comes to opening the safe and spending some pennies, knowing she is in for a healthy profit if she sells both the club and maybe some players as a final dividend on her investment!


As for the management - Claude deserves more time and I suspect he knows he is going to get it, we're 10th at the time of writing, comparable with last season, he doesn't at least in public seem the type of guy who is going to throw his teddy out of the pram if he doesn't get a new player or two ( I maybe doing him a disservice but can only judge by his public pronouncements) and will do the best with what he has. Personally I would like to see him publically acknowledge that 'we need to strengthen the squad' a euphemism for I need better quality players!!


Players - rotation to the extent we are utilising it would seem to disincentive any players giving 110% as despite that they are likely to get dropped to the bench, alternatively if you are not playing well you still have every chance of getting game time when the rotation comes round to you and it's your turn - a recipe for a lack of motivation all round.

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i am more worried by the complacency of our supporters who are scrambling around looking for excuses for the very poor football we have played this season.


we have become arrogant in praising the "Southampton Way" and mocked other teams but the we are forgetting the golden rule of football , all clubs are only as strong as their first team and manager !

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I think both fans and the club have been a tad arrogant in thinking that the likes of west ham, stoke, crystal palace splashing out money and trying to motivate and inspire both the fans and players, is utter stupidity. Not saying we should do the same but I think moderation is key, and in times like now we need some inspiration and motivation, and so do the players.

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