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Paul Mariner


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Always liked Mariner, the Ipswich team of the 70/80s was always to be admired, they had some great players, Mariner was in the top bracket. We'll gloss over his 2 seasons with the Skates (as does Wikipedia strangely) and reflect on a much admired player whose life has ended far too soon. 

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7 hours ago, rooney said:

I can remember a classy display at the Dell when he was with Ipswich.

I also remember seeing him playing for Plymouth including against us at The Dell. He was a player I hoped Lawrie would go for as he had something about him and made a 'nuisance' of himself against our defence (although several did that from timer to time). However we were in Division 2 at the time and still had Channon and (a then often underperforming) Peter Osgood on the books so little chance of it happening.

On 10/07/2021 at 14:23, Whitey Grandad said:

It’s very sad that players whom you knew in their prime are taken from us at an early age.

Very sad. Mariner and Jimmy Gabriel announced the same day, the latter especially seemed an insoluble part of my childhood and early years watching Saints. Mariner isn't that much older than me. It acts as a reminder of our (or mine anyway) advancing years and vulnerability. RIP both.

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