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Ed Rooney and his 15 Knowledgeable Associates (Split)

Ed Rooney

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Just now, Sheaf Saint said:

This is just plain wrong.

I've been as critical if him over the last couple of years as anyone but it's obvious to anyone with eyes that he has vastly improved this season.

He was a key part of our performance today, defended from the front, linked up well with KWP, and was involved in the move that led to our goal. To not recognise and acknowledge that is ridiculous.

Nonsense and there is 10 out of 15 people here in agreement 

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14 hours ago, Sheaf Saint said:

Ed, when you post on a forum and you use the word 'here', everybody will assume you mean 'here on this forum'. 

You should have been clearer.

👏 yep but I’m happy to leave it alone now, getting as dull, slow, predictable, and backward at Nate’s play. 

Edited by Billy the Kidd
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