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  1. The total lack of impartiality on BT Score drives me fucking mad. Bunch of utter twats... Who even knew Steve Sidwell played for Chelsea, but he just celebrated that goal like a lifelong supporter.
  2. The best part of that injury time equaliser, other than rescuing a point, was seeing practically the whole of the BT Sport panel go silent after whooping and clapping the Newcastle second moments before. Nice unbiased commentary as usual. . .
  3. Most folk will just be relieved that it didn't get any worse.
  4. Utter brilliance from JWP, another free kick stunner!! Game on? COYRs
  5. Lovely flowing move from Saints but butchered by Valery
  6. So close from Adams, lovely cross from Vokins
  7. Arsenal really are looking crisp in midfield, we need to get a grip there to stand a chance.
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