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  1. I think I know how this one goes. Someone offer Turkish evidence, he doesn't accept it, ridicules it, picks up on tiny points to diminish it's value and then deflects the conversation rather than prove his version of events / opinion. If he does find some evidence he will hold that above all others as unequivocal proof. The bit about Stamford Bridge initially being an athletics stadium and offered to Fulham is right - https://www.chelseafc.com/en/history/stadium-history - but there doesn't seem to be any evidence of a link between that and the song.
  2. Loads of evidence online. Links if you are interested in finding out more about it: https://liverpooloffside.sbnation.com/2021/8/30/22648994/unpacking-song-chant-chelsea-liverpool-anfield-homophobia-lgbt-rent-boys-chant-explanation
  3. Completely disagree that Redmond playing in his most regular wide left position could be easily interchanged with Broja in the same position. Broja is clearly a big centre forward, not someone who will take on a full back or play the sort of throughballs into strikers in the box. Redmond isn't the best but in our squad you would replace him with S Armstrong, Walcott or Tella before Broja. To take it slightly off tangent, Ralph's big challenge in the next couple of months is finding out which combination of A Armstrong, Adams and Broja works best in attack when we play 4-2-2-2, an
  4. First question - no, not at all, racist behaviour has been condemned for ages with varying degrees of 'cut-through' in the mainstream consciousness. Second question - yes, I think it has helped to create a culture in which the amount and strength of condemnation of racist behaviour has increased.
  5. This is the perfect answer. Next time this discussion occurs on here please copy and paste this post.
  6. I think there are valid occasions for inflammatory gestures to be used to raise the profile of an issue. I think the knee gesture falls into that category. If it is generating a response that the 'Kick it out' type campaigns didn't achieve then it is being productive. The gesture on it's own won't defeat racism and to think that it will is naive, but if it helps to create a culture where racist behaviour is hilighted and condemned then over time that type of overt behaviour will become less acceptable and less likely to occur.
  7. Last post for the day, so not interested in or able to have a prolonged discussion. I think you know why some transfers are exceptions to the concept of 'buying to develop'. We needed a starting quality LB after Bertrand left and we had zero options coming through the ranks hence Perraud, we needed a starting quality RB at the time KWP was brought in as Cedric had left and Valery wasn't up to it. We needed at staring striker after Ings left as neither Obafemi or Nlundulu were up to it so we brought in Armstrong. The club obviously think Bednarek and Stephens good enough to be part of t
  8. I get it, but it's not what we do. I'd have liked Saints to sign a CB better than Vestergaard to partner Salisu, but our strategy is generally to promote from within and buy replacements who have to prove themselves. IMO in the CB rankings Salisu has been promoted to replace Vestergaard, Stephens and Bendarek are in the same places in the rankings as they were last season and Lyanco is probably bottom of the pile at the moment. If he proves to be better than Stephens or Bednarek then he moves up the ranking. We might be better at CB overall if Salisu can be better than Vestergaard. I
  9. Disagree. We have four centre backs. Salisu is IMO first choice for left sided role, Stephens and Bednarek are in a battle for the right sided role. Stephens has the shirt at the moment, so Bendarek is going to have to fight for it. The competition should push them both to perform better. Lyanco has to prove himself and if he does he competes for a place.
  10. Alanh


    Not a big surprise really. We bought Salisu to develop and sell for a massive profit. To do that he's got to play regularly and be a great player for us. This new guy might be an upgrade on Bednarek but that would be a big askgiven that Bednarek has proven himself a dependable (not elite) CB for us. I'd like to think that the new guy will at least put pressue on Bednarek and Stephens.
  11. I'd like to keep some of that money in reserve for January or next summer when we will need to buy a decent keeper and replace whoever else has left.
  12. Just got mine. I'm sure a load will be delivered today and tomorrow.
  13. I'm a big fan of having an on field leader at CB so experience plays a big part, but I can't get on board with Cahill being the answer. He only played in 20 league games for Palace last season so I can't see him playing more for another Premier league team this season. If we were to get him that would mean regular disruption to our CB line up, which I don't see as a good thing. Get experience that can play 30 plus games. not sure who that is - possibly Phil Jones if he will accept the right wages and can prove his fitenss.
  14. IMO the first goal was a straightforward mix up between AM and MS. There might have been a call or they might both have been silent and left it to each other. I'm apportioning 50/50 blame for that one. The second goal is pretty much unstoppable. It's hit hard and right in the top corner. AM does well to get a fingertip on it if he did. The third is point blank AM has no time to react. It's a 50/50 chance for a save for a keeper of AM's quality. A better keeper does better but we don't have one of those. A better defence of the cross or more commanding play by Stephens is the o
  15. Agreed, it's never been about telling people that racism exists, it's about exlicitly hilighting how significant a problem it is in some parts of society. However it seems to be viewed as an objectionable action. You have regularly objected to it. What should we as society do instead?
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