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  1. Agree that St Mary's isn't the most passionate of atmospheres, but the negativity from the stands was still there during our poor run at home a year ago. Without it we have transformed so it kind of suggests that was a factor. Also, we were generally OK in away games, perhaps because the crowd negativity was directed at the home team, not us. The players do need to be mentally strong enough to cope with it though.
  2. Just an idea. Primarily to give more cover in the full back positions where Valery has performed better as a wing back and KWP is being asked to play on the 'wrong' side.
  3. If Bednarek is available perhaps a back 3 with Valery and KWP as wing backs. McCarthy Valery - Bednarek - Stephens - Vestergaard - KWP JWP - Romeu Armstrong -Walcott Adams
  4. Alanh

    Mohammed Salisu

    No inside knowledge, but that's my guess and it's fair enough to keep it private.
  5. Generally I would agree, but there is also the concept that you buy a different style of player for a position so that you can play different tactics when required. They might not be replacements for current first teamers but can be used as impact subs or start in matches which require specific attributes.
  6. Disagree with this a bit. Going into the day yesterday Everton's story is one of the bigger ones of the season. They were the only team with an unbeaten record and were top of the league for the first time in ages. They've got an England striker who is scoring for fun and one of the biggest names in management at the club. The montage of fans before our match set the scene perfectly for the way the game went - objectively an upset result - so the producers played a blinder in setting Everton up for a fall. Having two ex Everton players in the studio was overkill and it would have been bet
  7. I believe that under the regular Sky/BT deal 5 matches of every round are televised across Friday to Monday. That hasn't changed but the other 5 matches are also on PPV and so are fitted in around the other games. I dont think the slot which is PPV is fixed every week.
  8. Alanh

    Mohammed Salisu

    Mods - any chance you can get Turkish and MLG to stop the petty bickering? Turkish is all over almost every post MLG makes - it's borderline cyber bullying.
  9. The only bit you have to pay for is the TV license. You can chose not to pay for Sky and BT and PPV. If you do decide to pay for them you do so in the knowledge that not every match played will be broadcast live, so where is the problem? Following your logic of other countries getting what we can not get should their residents be complaining that they don't have the opportunity to buy a ticket and go to a game (when stadiums are open)? Agreed that would be fair, but you aren't subscribing to a fair system, you are dealing with a semi regulated commercial system which will try
  10. I don't really buy into the outrage at the PPV concept or cost. If you have already paid for Sky or BT then you know that (in normal times) not every game will be broadcast live so you weren't expecting to see every Saints game as part of your package. The end of last season was an anomoly in that the relevant parties got together and agreed to broadcast every game but there was no agreement that would continue for ever and the clubs had to pay money back to the broadcasters as part of the deal. £15 PPV is not compulsory so like all things if you don't think it's good value don't pay it, ju
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