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  1. I think the FA said no games would be rearranged they would be forfeited
  2. I had a squeaky bum for 90 minutes and a palpitating heart.
  3. I would take the white with red sash think its a great kit, or all white with sparse red pin stripes.
  4. Sorry to say my wife threw out the empty post match beer cans.
  5. Hoddle just said how good Ward-PRICE is!
  6. Would have N'Lundulu on instead of Long and Theo out wide Very happy with a point.
  7. Make it 3 outfield subs plus 1 goalkeeper sub. Its terrible to have used all three subs and then get a goalkeeper injured off by a bad tackle.
  8. JWP 8 from free kick. MLT 7 from free kick. In PL
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