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  1. Apologies if posted before, someone just posted this classic on Twitter [video=youtube;h-yBhoc75UY]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-yBhoc75UY
  2. Heard that on the way back from the game today. Was completely out of order. What's that going to do to the lad's confidence? Cotterill's complaining about the Skates small squad/lack of funds is ridiculous. It was common knowledge before he joined that they had serious financial problems, and would most likely have to make do with a very small squad. Cotterill knew full well the situation he was getting himself into, so should stop moaning every week about his small squad. He could have easily stayed at Notts County. If he was that worried about filling the bench every week, why did he sh
  3. Because we support Southampton not 'Top level football in the South of England'. FFS we do have some right goons supporting us. Someone upset because our main rivals might be in trouble. If they don't get taken over they aren't going to be 'wiped out'.
  4. Have I missed something here? Why does everyone think the Skates are going to go out of business if this deal doesn't go through? They won't.
  5. This would make my summer. Our takeover going through and theirs not. Fantastic! I pray to god it's true!
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